Media Gateway

Industrial grade high performance media gateways that offers security, flexibility, expansion capabilities and wide range of functions in a single chassis.

Built-in powerful firewall GUI provides maximum protection of data and easy configuration for the interconnect to various systems.

Interconnect Legacy PBX to IP System
Remote Site Interconnect to HQ IP System
Connecting Virtual System to PSTN Trunks
Interconnect systems via transcoding
Connecting Lync to Legacy ISDN Trunks

Wevo Enterprise Connectivity



WSG100 - SIP Gateways
Support 16 Channels
WSG200 - SIP Gateways
Support 32 Channels
WPG103 - 2 Port PRI Gateway
Support 30 Channels
WPG106 - 2 Port PRI Gateway
Support 60 Channels
WPG406 - 4 Port PRI Gateway
Support 60 Channels
WPG412 - 4 Port PRI Gateway
Support 120 Channels

Enterprise Media Gateway Features